Happy diggers in the Arctic Circle

Here, more than 1,000 miles north of Oslo, locals ‘enjoy’ six months of perpetual daylight followed by six months of perpetual night.

It’s a challenging environment for construction machinery too, with extreme weather and sometimes limited parts availability.

However, local operators of Case Construction Equipment machinery say they are delighted with the performance of their CX C-Series mid-size crawler excavators.

Tom Nordgård  has bought a CX75C SR excavator for his landscaping projects in Tromsø. “This midi excavator allows me to control the bucket in a smooth and precise way,” he says. “And the hydraulics, together with the rototilt attachment, makes my job much easier.”

And Tromsø builder Rune Ulriksen, pictured below,  says: “Case midis are problem-free machines and this is what I really need in my job.”

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