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Hydraulic Pile Breaker

Product Advantage

  1. It has the most advanced pile breaker and can achieve high efficiency, low noise in pile broken.
  2.  It has the advanced modularization and break different diameter pile by different number of  modular combination.
  3. It has high cost performance, low operating cost and its cost performance is nearly the same with the foreign products.
  4. It operates easily and don’t need any professional skill, besides, it operates very safety.
  5. It can be connected to a variety of engineering machinery to make achieve of products commonality and economical efficiency. It also can be hanged in the excavator, cranes and telescopic arm, etc.
  6. High life design can bring you the best benefits.
    Hydraulic Pile Breaker offer its several cylinders oil pressure through power source and cylinder directly drive the chisels and squeeze the the pile body at the same time to break the pile. It operates easily and high efficiency, low noise, low cost in the pile breaker machine adopts highly modular combinations and connect modules through axis pins. It can break piles in certain ranges of diameter by different number of modules combination.